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"Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke" — Isaiah 58

We want to try and understand, through our work, what breaking ‘every yoke’ means because breaking one alone is rarely enough to release someone from oppression.

We try and measure and monitor our ‘success’ through our ‘outcomes’ (see below) — but before you get to that it is probably worth hearing how one of our tenants defined success because we will never capture them in 7 statistics!

Success is different for everyone. As far as success goes for the homeless its not as simple as putting a roof over their head because the walk of their life probably has been a difficult and complicated one.

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The national picture

Each city has been tasked with capturing and measuring seven criteria for client success for the year ending April 1st 2017. Though in part there is some subjectivity it does give a good overall picture of the impact the work we are doing has on this group of people right across Britain.

Maintaining tenancy 87%
In total all the Hope into Action regions gave a home to 152 people in 2017. 13 of them were children. Of the 139 adults, only 18 were evicted. The average length of stay was 266 days. Of those that moved on: 16% went to a friend, 31% to private rental, 21% to social housing, 6% to a relative and 26% was unknown.
Abstaining from crime 89%
89% of those who had previously been in custody, abstained from crime. We housed 36 people who had previously been in custody of which 4 returned to custody. Many of our other 133 tenants would be at risk of crime and only 1 of those went into custody. 1 of our tenants was removed from the police ‘prolific offenders’ list.
Reducing alcohol or drug intake 81%
81% of those with previous drug / alcohol misuse improved their intake. 57 (41%) of our tenants had a previous relationship with the drugs/ alcohol of those 11 have worsened! This year also we have had to cope with new drugs on the market which added a challenge.
Improved social relations with their family 82%
82% have improved family relations. 114 out of our 139 adults. We have focused on this much more this year as we feel it is vital to a sense of well being.
Volunteering education or training 47%
47% are involved in volunteering, education and training. 65 of our tenants volunteered.
Got a job 23%
23% have got a job. 32 of our tenants have managed to get a job. We found that single male refugees are much more likely to get work.
Financial management
This year we have focused a lot more on financial management: 92% have a bank account, 71% are paying water regularly, 46% by standing order and 85% are either addressing arrears they have or are free of rent debts!